limited edition signed fine art print : The Art of Broken

raven framed.jpg
raven framed.jpg

limited edition signed fine art print : The Art of Broken

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Ravens symbolize different things to different cultures around the world. To some it is associated with death and sorrow, and to others it is a symbol of light and goodness. And you’re probably thinking… but where are the ravens in this image of a girl on a beach with a battered umbrella, right?
Although no birds in the image itself,  I felt  ‘Raven’ reflected not only the color and mood, but also the struggle, the tension of dualities, death and life, dark and light, holding on and just letting go. Interestingly, although I’m not quite sure how you would use it, the Encarta Dictionary has this to say about ‘rav.en’ as a (transitive and intransitive verb : to take something away by force. Maybe the things we hold onto, that we think are protecting us, are the very things that will cause even more distress, and in letting go, we free ourselves and learn to walk in the truth of our circumstances. 

Beautifully printed on 308g Hahnemuhle Cotton Rag matt, a smooth textured archival fine art paper for optimum quality,  signed and dated by myself for authenticity.

* frames are display only and not included

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