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I am stained with light ~ Mary Oliver 

In her distinctive visual language that is soft and soulful, sometimes 'almost nothing' light, and sometimes 'deep' dark, Annie is a fine artist that has found, framing imagery in natural light, a way to explore dualities and the balance of opposites,  the sensory tension of living in the fragile present moment,  while accepting the transience of our natural world, inviting you into defining moments of spiritual longing and quiet contemplation.

If you too hunger for depth,  raw and organic, and would like to personalize a shoot or buy Annie's art, she would love to chat with you and discuss how best you can make an investment in a timeless gift of art to yourself, or the significant others in your life.

I'm not 'on trend' and I'll never be the photographer that produces soul less package deals and shot lists.  I can't be something I'm not, and I don't want you to be either.  I want only the raw beauty in the ordinary stories of our lives, seeing beyond what's just in front of me.  Stilled time and light that pass with little consequence and no importance - until they're gone.  So invite me into your story.  Live in images that will forever remind you who you are, that you were seen, but more importantly, evoke the memory of how you felt.  That's what I want my work to reflect and that's what I can do for you.  The poetic, emotive, inspired moments of being human. I'm confident that like minded people who share my fear of happy snaps, are those who will find and choose to work with me. 
With a heart full of gratitude to God my Father, who has given me this gift to share with you ~ annie