not just nests

lesson #1 how to engage or emotionally connect to art.

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0956 with eggs hr.jpg


Nests aren't just beautiful to look at.

0426 hr copy.jpg

They are purpose built by little architects with no degree, only a purpose.

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They are the homes of a reproductive couple driven to create a place of safety and privacy for the birthing and nurturing of their offspring.

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Each twig, fibre and feather selected and woven represent time, distance and hard work.

Care full consideration has created these homes.

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They hold new life, represent family, continuity, dedication, curation, craftsmanship and courtship, but ultimately, nests are symbols of providence, which is perhaps why my client agreed I make these images and reason enough to give them pride of place at the entrance to her home.

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Now these images are available to you as singles or in as many variations that suit.

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